I have always been someone who enjoys everything having to do with the home building process. Now, I am looking into my options in home building and design as a career path. I have taken a number of architecture courses and I have been working closely with a home builder for the last several years. I feel confident that this is an avenue that will be very beneficial for me to take, so right now I am looking at all of my options and for advice on how I should proceed.

Is it going to be best to try to go through with schooling first? Or, should I be thinking about turning to the employer that I have to see if I can do some sort of apprenticeship? I feel as though anything that I can do to get on the right track with this, the easier it will be for me to get going on the career that I truly love. I would like to be able to get in on home building and design over the next couple of years so that I can share my passion and talent with the rest of the world. Any advice would be very helpful.