Hi there! I’m Lora and married to a handsome retiree. We have two children and two grandchildren, with a third on the way! I’m still a few years away from retirement myself, but it’s something I often think about.

I’ve caught my husband studying home building and design lately. I have not told him yet that I have discovered this newfound passion of his, largely because I am not sure he has fully committed to it yet.

I think I understand what he is doing though. He retired more than a year ago from his teaching college, which had been a generation long career after doing twenty years in the military. Me? I’m in high level corporate leadership and am not going to be done for several years more, although I am trying to wrap things up.

We’ve been planning for a while to have a retirement dream home in a slightly rural area. We certainly have more than enough money to build it, and have already bought the land. However, I think my husband might be studying home building and design because he wants to oversee or at least assist with the actual construction himself.

He’s at an age where retirement makes sense, but he’s still so healthy and vital, and I know he’s bored out of his mind without me. I work such long hours and still travel a lot without him. Read on to see his take on the whole thing!

I Know Nothing About Designing A Home

My wife is one of the pickiest people who lives on the face of the Earth. This is why I knew it would be a task when she decided we should have a house built instead of just randomly buying one. While this may seem like a dream come true to some people, the idea of having her nagging me about how everything is not perfect will haunt me forever. This is why I have to hire a great designer to make all of her wishes come true. This will probably cost me a pretty penny, but I have to invest in this since I am not familiar with this myself.

I wish that it could be as simple as heading to a website, hitting a few random buttons, signing up and having someone build your creation. This would be something I would pay for in a heartbeat. I work two jobs and I do not have a lot of free time on my hands, so you can imagine how much this will stress me out to have someone worry about the design of the home we are having built while I micromanage to make sure that everything goes as planned.